Saunders Memorial Lecture Series – 10/25 – Notice of speaker change

Saunders Memorial Lecture Series — Thursday, October 25, 2018 – 6:30PM (doors open at 6:00)
Admission is Free – Legends of the Northern Paiute: by Wilson Wewa

Speaker change notice below …

10/19 EVENT UPDATE: James Gardner will be the speaker for this event — Jim compiled these extraordinary stories and edited Wilson’s book ‘Legends of the Northern Paiute’ and he also wrote the introduction.

Legends of the Northern Paiute shares and preserves twenty-one original and previously unpublished Northern Paiute legends, as told by Wilson Wewa, a spiritual leader and oral historian of the Warm Springs Paiute. These legends were originally told around the fires of Paiute camps and villages during the “story-telling season” of winter in the Great Basin of the American West. They were shared with Paiute communities as a way to pass on tribal visions of the “animal people” and the “human people,” their origins and values, their spiritual and natural environment, and their culture and daily lives.

Wewa’s apprenticeship to Northern Paiute culture began when he was about six years old. These legends were passed on to him by his grandmother and other tribal elders. They are now made available to future generations of tribal members, and to students, scholars, and readers interested in Wewa’s fresh and authentic voice. These legends are best read and appreciated as they were told—out loud, shared with others, and delivered with all of the verve, cadence, creativity, and humor of original Paiute storytellers on those clear, cold winter nights in the high desert.

Bowman Museum- Admission is Free- more information 541-447-3715

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