Our New State-of-the-Art Exhibit Center

Funding the Future

Crook County Historical Society is now poised to embark on a brand new chapter in its illustrious history. The following is our pathway to a glorious future.

The Plan:

To create a modern, state-of-the-art exhibit center immediately adjacent to the Bowman Museum which will feature a continuous stream of changing exhibits for visitors to enjoy.

The Background:

In 2016, Crook County purchased the Hans Pharmacy building – located next to the museum -- to be used by the Crook County Historical Society as they saw fit. After much discussion, and the consideration of many different ideas and suggestions, it was decided by the Board of Directors that a new exhibits center was the most worthwhile proposal.

Why an Exhibits Center?

Officially established in 1971, the Bowman Museum has earned a well-deserved reputation as the leading museum and cultural center in Crook County and throughout Central Oregon. It serves as the repository for a large collection of artifacts and archives, with many educational programs, a large permanent exhibit, and a popular events room used heavily by the local community. At present, however, there is no facility to mount temporary exhibits. The exhibits center will fill this void.

The Goal:

When completed, the new exhibits center will be part of a downtown “cultural district” for Prineville to include the Bowman Museum, Events Center, Caboose Park, and the new Exhibits Center. Prineville will be a destination location for all of Central Oregon, boosting the local economy, and standing tall as a symbol of pride for Crook County.

It's Almost Here:

Our goal is now within reach!

The residents of Crook County, the State of Oregon, and many other cultural funding agencies have thus far responded to our vision in an overwhelmingly positive way. You, our members, the leaders of our community, can make it happen!

You have the unique opportunity to make a difference in our community and to propel us forward toward achieving our goal and fulfilling our mission. Thank you for your generosity and support! Please follow the instructions below and consider a contribution to our cause. The future of our museum depends on you, our gracious supporters.

Suzie Kristensen, President

Phil Burgess, Treasurer

Chair, Fundraising Committee

Sandy Cohen, Executive Director